Joint Supplement For Horses After A Walk On JKP Beach


Last updated on March 4th, 2020 at 06:41 pm

Last Sunday was an excellent day for a walk on JKP Beach. So, we decided to take our horses. At the end of the day, we had to dig out the joint supplement for horses, as Bo, our 15 year old, was walking a little gingerly.

Quiet, magical, pristine, JKP Beach is one of Michigan’s most treasured vacation spots. The entire area is unarguably beautiful and a gem for natures lovers. The fantastic beach offers tons to do, including being incredibly amazing for horseback riding.

Best Joint Supplement For Horses

Group horseback riding on JKP beach

There are several businesses that run horseback riding adventures near the beach, including Jonie’s Stables. We have heard good things about them and they are highly recommended. They also have reasonable rates.

Fortunately, we have our own horses to ride. So, with a perfect 80-degree day last Sunday, we decided to load up the saddles and hit the beach for some riding.

As I said earlier, I took my horse Bo, who has a history of some joint issues, now that he’s a little bit older. The vet said that it’s nothing major, just some arthritis that is typical of equine his age.

My Favorite Joint Supplement For Horses

At the recommendation of my vet, I keep some of the best joint supplement for horses on hand to give Bo whenever he shows signs of lameness. For us, that means Cosequin ASU made by Nutramax. In my experience with Bo, after a dose or 2 of this equine joint supplement, he perks right back up with a few hours.

The vet said that the Glucosamine & Chondroitin that is in the product is what helps to “lubricate” Bo’s joints, making it more comfortable for him to walk. We tried other products with different ingredients but we simply did’t have the same results. Bo seems to really respond best to this particular supplement.

We got done walking on the beach around 4 pm on Sunday, and I gave Bo his supplement dosage around 5 pm. By 9 am the next Monday, he seemed to be much more comfortable again. Walking the beach can really take a toll on the horse’s legs, since it is a constantly changing uneven surface.

If you are wondering if a joint supplement is a good idea for your horse or not, check out the following video.

Also be sure to consult with your vet before starting you animal on any sort of drugs or supplements. While Glucosamine & Chondroitin are well established to be safe for horses according to, there is always the risk for an interaction if your horse is taking any other medications or supplements.

If, along with your vet, you decide that it is a good idea to start your horse on a joint supplement, I highly recommend that you give Cosequin ASU made by Nutramax a try. It is highly rated on Amazon and my vet said that he also sees improvement in many of his patients that take the product.

The next time that you are out on JKP Beach and want to give horseback riding a try, stop by Jonie’s Stables and tell them that Luke and Bo say hi.